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  • MRI

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AlemHealth offers routine and emergency diagnostic imaging services for a range of medical conditions

Why AlemHealth


Access global expertise and international quality of care without the costs of medical tourism 


Our network of specialist doctors is available all day, every day, for all your diagnostic healthcare needs. No matter the time, we have the right specialist doctors available for you.


Our diagnoses are performed at internationally accredited facilities by Board-certified specialists, so if you need to travel abroad for treatment, your diagnoses will be universally accepted


Refer your diagnostic studies to an approved AlemHealth partner, and let them know you want the report read by our specialists. We’ll take care of the rest

How AlemHealth works


Visit your local doctor when the need arises


Take diagnostic imaging scans at a local AlemHealth facility


Receive your report in as little as 3 hours and plan your treatment with confidence

Find your doctor

Send us details about your preferred doctor or hospital. When your doctor joins the AlemHealth network, we’ll notify you so you can access our experts 24/7

Ask us a question

Let us know if you have any questions about how AlemHealth can work for you